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3 Of The Most Addictive Substances On The Planet

When people say drug abuse or substance abuse, most of us think about heroin, cocaine, crystal meth or any other drugs, which of course, are very addictive and illegal. But some of the most addictive substances on the planet are pretty much legal.

In this post I will put into view the most addictive substances on the face of the Earth and also present a few ideas for those people that are prepared for a solid addiction treatment.

So, here are the 3 most addictive substances:

1. Nicotine. Ever since the first settlers set foot in the Americas and discovered tobacco, smoking became a widespread disease over the world. Nicotine is currently the most addictive substance on the planet and is the cause of various diseases, affecting not only the people who smoke but the ones around them as well. Although nicotine is addictive, many people wonder how come passive smokers don’t become addicted to it too. Well, simply because most of the nicotine is retained by the person who smokes the cigar or cigarette.

Usually, people who want to quit smoking don’t need an extremely rigorous drug rehab plan for it, just willpower. Of course, if you lack in will power, to quit smoking will be hard, so it’s best to consider a few willpower exercises.

I’ve never been a smoker myself, but everyone that has quit this habit that I’ve asked, told me that even after 10-15 years after quitting, they still have cravings and are tempted to light up again.

2. Alcohol. The second most addictive substance that I want to put into view here is the one present in almost every drink that we delect ourselves with at the end of the day. Although smoking does not affect the awareness of the user, alcohol does and under its influence, the consumers can easily pass from cheerfulness to violent behavior. Plus, under the influence of this substance, many devastating accidents can happen, causing death to other people including the one in cause.

To get over alcohol addiction, AA meetings are very useful and the person in cause needs a consistent substance abuse treatment.

3. Heroin. Is one of the drugs harder to access because it’s illegal. Has really ugly side effects. Also, due to this fact this drug is often expensive as well and because of its high degree of dependability, many people have lost everything they had once they were tangled by it. If you become a user of this drug, drug rehab alone won’t help. You also need a very strong willpower, a lot of loving people to rely on, an plenty of activities to keep your mind busy all the time.